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A Miracle of Natural Beauty and Healing: Organic CBD Hemp Oil Products


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the cusp of something truly stunning when it comes to enhancing our natural beauty and health: freedom. That’s right, finally we can get our hands on distilled micronutrients and organic CBD-based oils and creams.

Created using sustainably grown and organic hemp plants, it nourishes, refreshes, heals, and vitalizes without any of the THC. Did you know that the FDA considers hemp-sourced CBD to be a dietary supplement? Let’s take 3 minutes to dig a bit deeper into this.

The Birth of a New Consumer Era

Thank goodness your average soccer mom or dad is really beginning to care once again about what they put in and on their body. We’ve all seen an unprecedented push towards organic food, sustainable production methods across the board, and straying away from the toxins and man-made chemical concoctions that used to dominate the health and beauty industry.

Sure, we could head on down to Walgreens and grab some off-the-shelf “mainstream” organics. Or, we can now go online and investigate amazing products from around the globe that are only now making their 21st century appearances in western countries.

Case #1: Organic Hemp CBD Body Lotion

No animal testing and none of the artificial nonsense. The naturally occurring and purified ingredients ward off skin problems and empower it at the same time. Healthier skin means a healthier you.

There’s very little difference, in essence, between this body lotion and the lotions that our ancestors created out of the same ingredients only using less sophisticated technologies. Hemp is one of the earliest known domesticated plants that humans have taken under their wing; some 12,000 years ago.

Case #2: Organic Hemp CBD Balm

An incredibly gentle ointment for sensitive bodies, which again, both protects and maintains gorgeous skin. Here’s the active ingredients list and the cool thing is you totally understand each of them without any eyebrow scrunching!

  • Organic olive oil: you’ve probably got some in your pantry and use it in the kitchen all the time.

  • Organic hemp seed oil: when I was young, just a child in Iran, they used to feed us toasted hemp seeds that were flavored with salt and herbs like saffron.

  • Hemp CBD Extract: no THC but plenty of the revitalizing and regenerative miracle known as cannabidiol, or CBD . It’s like taking a bunch of organic hemp plants and breaking them down into a fine oil, just like olives or seeds then distilling the CBD content out of it to make it even more concentrated.

Case #3: Organic Hemp Sun Block

Almost no one was surprised when suddenly mainstream news was showing us studies that basically said, “Hey umm, it turns out that the chemicals in many sunblocks can actually cause cancer and be harmful.”

Ugh! Okay, so our population went from less than 1 billion in 1900 to over 7 billion in just a little more than a century. Along the way we rapidly created a system of mass-production which in the last couple decades started to globalize. Making sunblock for millions upon millions of people is rough! Here’s the active ingredients list for this hemp sunblock folks:

  • Rosemary oil to protect and enliven the skin and provide a pleasant herbal aroma.

  • Naturally occurring zinc oxide to protect against harmful UVA/B rays.

  • Organic hemp seed oil for moisturizing and regeneration.

  • Organic CBD (non-THC) that works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

Conclusion: Break Free!

The days of trolling through isle after isle of highly controlled corporate products are finally ending. Take advantage of health and beauty products that come from the best natural ingredients. They’re produced in ways you would definitely approve of and can provide you with ACTUAL health benefits vs. all the hype we’ve been bombarded with for the last 30 years.