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Hemp for Fitness is among the first brands in America to offer truly Effervescent CBD Tablets, formulated in-house with the expert help of a chemist and licensed pharmacist.


One of the hottest words in the hemp CBD world is bioavailability.

Public awareness of the core compound derived from cannabis, general anecdotal impacts (as well as emerging clinically-backed research), and the human Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, has reached a point where efficiency is increasingly driving consumer focus. Part of that has to do with being able to deliver CBD contained in clean, systematic, and easily controlled isolates (not synthetics).

Let’s take a look.

What are Effervescent CBD Tablets?

To be effervescent is to water soluble! Think Alka-Seltzer, the antiacid, or a similarly-designed tablet that dissolves when it comes in contact with the suliva.

Rather than putting them in your juice, these CBD tablet’s are instead designed to quickly dissolve in your mouth. More and more CBD consumers find this an easy and fast delivery method vs. inhalation/vape or smoke, eating/edible, an oily sublingual tincture or time-release capsule. With full spectrum oil-based extracts, there’s a variety of bioavailability levels and it gets complex when looking at all the many different extraction methods and applications. Unfortunately, you can’t transform a full spectrum extract into an effervescent tablet, so Hemp for Fitness uses a lab-tested isolate.

This means there isn’t the ‘entourage effect’ present when CBD comes within natural plant extracts with the other synergistic cannabis compounds (terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, etc.), but it’s clean plant-based CBD nonetheless and provides value at lower cost.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of using an effervescent CBD tablets.

Simple Not-Long-Lasting Taste

Right now they come in three basic flavors from simple organic oils to create a light taste that fades away quickly.

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon

While there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a big gulp of juice or water to help wash it down, ideally you want to just let them naturally dissolve and disperse in your mouth first. It happens quickly and pleasantly, then after a minute or two you can take a drink of something.

Even CBD Distribution

Listen, I’m one of the LAST people who would advise against conventional full spectrum CBD capsules, common tincture applications, or vaping for that matter, but this is yet another ECS supplementation tool for people who simply don’t enjoy those delivery methods. Or, folks in need of much higher doses of CBD without paying the higher price points of natural extracts. I honestly prefer tinctures, but acknowledge it gets expensive with high mg tinctures into the 500-1500mg+ range. Comes with the territory when you’re putting an oil-based extract into your body which must first pass through your metabolic and digestive systems – which filter out sizeable percentages of not only CBD, but many other synergistic plant compounds.

With the more conventional CBD capsules and tinctures, even after ‘First Pass’ digestive processes are considered, some can disperse gradually and not ALL of what you’re paying for will be utilized.

Quick Delivery

Today, after years writing and researching in this industry I’ve come across no adverse reactions when non-psychoactive hemp-derived CBD is mixed with, well, sheesh…chocolate, candies, fizzy drinks, vape liquids, beers, other herbal and plant-based essential oils, and on and on.

Look at the amount of products psychoactive cannabis extracts are mixed into these days and sold in legal dispensaries. Only potential problem here is people misjudging the amount of THC in an edible (often homemade) without knowing THC is compounded or magnified in the body (and stays longer) when absorbed via direct digestion than via inhalation. This can cause psychotic episodes – not for everyone, only certain people who react negatively to high levels of THC (and use flower with little to no CBD). If that ever happens to me, I know all I need to do is find the nearest source of CBD and get some in my body to experience panic and anxiety levels plummet.

Hemp CBD tinctures typically could take 10+ minutes to kick in for me in this circumstance, capsules even longer. These effervescent tablets would feel near instant.

Other than the fact CBD slows down processing of other compounds in the liver like THC for example (beware when mixing with opioid or pharmaceutical chemicals not supposed to sit around in your body longer than designed), it’s non-toxic and safe without risk of overdosing as you’d need to basically guzzle extract to reach dangerous levels of non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

These effervescent CBD tablets contain 20mg of CBD, so a completely safe amount. Rather than a gulp of coffee in the morning to help you get that horse pill-sized capsule down your gullet, or wait on that tincture, you just plop one in your mouth and wait a minute or so.

Speaking of Which…

Chances are either you or someone you know has a gag reflex, making it a chore to swallow conventional pills or capsules. And let’s face it, these days who can blame individuals for being leery of ANYTHING in pill form? We’re neck deep in an opioid crisis of epic and disastrous proportions; dealing with unprecedented ecological fallout from so many of these pharmaceutical compounds ending up in our environment through human urine and waste! Decades from now this era will be looked at closely, causing shivers to go down the spines of history students and medical researchers shaking their heads at the sheer human-environmental toll…

Again, I myself prefer tinctures and hate pills, but these effervescent CBD tablets are an easy alternative.

The Same Simple Measurement

Nothing changes concerning your dosage, it’s just you’re getting far more of the CBD compound through increased and even bioavailability. Instead of clumps of powder, or an oily mixture sitting atop your juice, the extract evenly dissolves in your mouth and there’s no need to stir or measure anything. Consistently increased bioavailability, that’s what it’s all about – efficiency!

Hemp for Fitness Product Specs

Each tablet contains:

  • 20mg lad-tested cannabidiol isolate (not synthetic) per tablet.
  • 3mg of added melatonin per tablet as well to promote calm and relaxation.
  • Formulated in-house with the expert help of a chemist and licensed pharmacist.
  • $69 per Container of 30 tablets (there’s 34 in that container in the image below, but they’re being sold right now in batches of 30, so $2.30 a tablet).