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Our Story

How Hemp for Fitness Began
Hemp For Fitness

We are so excited you found us! Our journey to provide you with high quality CBD products began in 2012, when little was known about the benefits of CBD. At the time, founder Marjan Parhami had a career working closely with doctors as a medical consultant when her father was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors were not optimistic about his future. 


As an Iranian native, Marjan got to work researching Persian herbal medicine and nutrition to help with her father’s treatment. She paired with other researchers in the CBD field and began supplementing her father’s treatment with CBD concentrate. Pretty soon, the adverse side effects of his conventional treatment were less and less intense. He soon required less prescribed medication, and his quality of life improved. He sailed past his six-month prognosis before passing away in 2017 – five years after his initial diagnosis. His legacy propels us today.


Stories like Marjan’s father are everywhere as more and more people are turning to the powerful effects of hemp. Thousands have used our pharmacist formulated CBD products to address issues as common as inflammation, general stress, and anxiety to treating the debilitating effects of chronic pain, depression, PTSD, and even opioid addiction. 


Today, we work with growers, manufacturers, and other retailers all over the world to produce high-quality, all-natural CBD products. Despite our growth, we remain laser focused on helping the individual find the solution they are looking for to improve the quality of their life. From our family to yours, we hope we can help you find the solution that is right for you.