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CBD or "Cannabidiol" is phytocannabinoid and essential component derived from the Hemp Plant.


All of our CBD Products are 100% Legal in all 50 United States.


Our CBD is USDA Certified ORGANIC and NON-GMO from Industrial Hemp Plants.


All HEMP FOR FITNESS CBD Products contain either 0.3% THC or Blow 0.3% or ZERO THC. All Product COA's Contain Proper Documentation Providing THC Levels.


We Process US Farm Grown Hemp in our Certified Lab located in Illinois


All of our CBD Products re "Over the Counter" and Do Not Require Doctor Prescription.

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Ruben Gonzalez
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Amazing products with even better staff members who are knowledgeable on minor cannabinoids. Specializing in white label, custom manufacturing and raw materials (isolate, distillates - CBG, CBN, CBC.).
Deb Alter
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Wonderful place with high quality products. Staff is well educated with all their products as well. There's a lot to consider when buying CBD and Hemp products as far as how they are processed as far as chemicals etc. This place takes great care in their growing and process.
Karen Bridges
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The STAFF here is so knowledgeable on the products !! They explain how these products for pain and inflammation and even issues like ED for men are made with out harmful chemicals. Zina and Pat and Margie are Amazing ! I always get greeted with a big smile and I can feel good about what I am taking for pain knowing it is not causing harm to my body while it is working
Michelle Smith
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I HIGHLY recommend this store 😊😊😊! They have natural products free of any harmful chemicals or toxins ! The products are extremely high quality !!! I buy the CBG gummies and the Kratom to control my pain. SO MUCH better for my body than taking pain pills ! The CBD is also wonderful here !!! I have had amazing results and I can tell the staff really cares about helping people
New Earth Oracle And Tarot
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This is a really great place to get natural pain relief products and lots more !! I came here to find something to help me with pain after a surgery I had to have ..... the CBD here is highly effective in relieving my pain. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on the products today I bought some Kratom to try for my pain a friend who gets her Kratom here recommended I try it she said she is so pleased with the quality of the Kratom at this store. They have CBG products here I get the CBG gummies and they give me a feeling of wellbeing and happiness!!!! Try these you won’t be sorry
Jacob Shenkman
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Love the products sold here. Got my wisdom teeth pulled last week and haven't had to take any of my pain killer's. Really recomend the cbd products here.
Jacqueline Roth
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These are the most knowledgeable people in the industry. They also put their customers first. They get to know you like family. I can't even begin to descibe the difference these people helped bring to my life. I truly can't thank them enough.
Buddy Byington
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Prompt, courteous service, with high quality products at fair market prices. Highly recommended.
Grant Williams
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The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I'm happy I discovered them and I will be definitely using them for all future hemp/cbd needs. There product is the only one that actually works well for me. I'm sold! Update: just ran the Chicago marathon and I used some of their topicals along with my nightly full spectrum extract. Zero pain and I owe a lot to them!
George E Jankun
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The staff is extremely helpful, They know there products. And always try to steer you to the product that is most beneficial to your needs.
Gwen Hughes
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Really wonderful people here. A wide variety of products. A five star experience !
Ira Lieb
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Very professional and knowledgeable. Zina Tamez and her staff take the time needed to answer all your questions as to use and benefits.
Suzie Yokana
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ZINA Tamez she was very friendly and extremely helpful by making the right choices and that made me extremely happy


  • *High concentration Hemp extracted through critical CO2 cold-extraction
  • *Strong quality controls  – NO pesticides / NO herbicides
  • *Each batch is tested every time on purity and quality
  • *Generation of years of experience with hemp cultivation
  • *Professional selection of the best hemp strains
  • *Active participation in studies and investigations by prominent scientists
Hemp For Fitness

product expectations

Industrial hemp CBD oils aren’t just beneficial for individuals with physiological or psychological challenges. But how do otherwise healthy people know what …

Without doubt, a lot of CBD disinformation is floating around and it’s only getting wilder. As we head into a world where …

Hemp for Fitness is among the first brands in America to offer truly Effervescent CBD Tablets, formulated in-house with the expert help …

To help educate both new growers and consumers about the hemp CBD supply chain, here’s a look at some of the challenges …

Why We're Different

Hemp For Fitness has been a covert operation for many years and now this specialized product is available to the public. Essentially, we’ve outgrown our britches. Since our product is superior and our customer base is loyal, the need to expand is a long time coming.

Our focus is product quality and effectiveness. As a small group of specialists we’re able to maintain extremely high levels of consistency. We don’t focus on fancy logos or catchy quotes as you can tell by our site. Our product isn’t packaged with a million dollars worth of wrapping. It’s all very plain and simple, we’re focused on you!

We acquire the best product available and our Scientists process everything in our Certified Lab. Yes, we have Scientists! Real Scientists utilizing their Real Science Experience and Vast Knowledge Base to produce the best Life Wellness Products possible.

Our Hemp For Fitness Family is here for You and We’ll Grow Together!

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