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Welcome to Hemp for Fitness

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Learn a Little About the Hemp for Fitness Brand

And that question is…

Can I trust this company?

Our sincere and emphatic answer to you, is yes.

Since Day 1, the Hemp for Fitness team has maintained a direct focus on the products we represent from ‘seed to bottle’. A sizeable portion of our revenue goes directly to lab work to adhere to high standards and ensure our customers get what they pay for.

The hemp we use is ;

  • is a ‘tried & true’ American hemp grown in Portland Oregon.  100% USDA and Organic Certified Hemp. The brand proudly paying customer-by-customer dues since early 2014 after the passage of the 2013 Farm Bill.
  • Hemp For Fitness, provide safe legal access to American-grown Industrial Hemp compounds for both individual customers and businesses (white-label options).

keeps them within the legal bounds of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2014 (changing quickly due to the 2018 Farm Bill and federal legalization of hemp farming!).

Beyond that, our small crew has been involved with industrial hemp since 2012 – a fast-growing infant industry just beginning to sprout roots and return after close to a century of government prohibition.

Hemp for Fitness is a small – 10 to 15 employee – American industrial hemp company out of Illinois. One of our primary goals is to grow to a point we can become an employee-owned operation. The company was founded and for the last seven years grown through the hard impassioned work of one strong woman – along with the team, she’s assembled to help her – Marjan.

Here she is in Colorado Springs in 2015 visiting with an innovative lab/hemp farming operation to learn, get close to the plants, and sample some absolutely pure hemp concentrate directly from the beaker.

hemp for fitness

Marjan’s travel to industrial hemp farms throughout Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon, along with fostering partnerships in multiple European countries helped the brand not just survive, but thrive! Every single solitary day we’re working with our network spread across the world to support hemp’s glorious comeback on the American scene.

hemp for fitness

There’s only one thing we care about more than industrial hemp and the impacts endocannabinoid system science is having on our world/country…and that’s family.

Which is where the Hemp for Fitness story begins.

Hemp for Fitness Began with a Phyto-Miracle

In November 2012, Marjan’s father was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Her family discovered he’d been dealing with a Glioblastoma tumor. Because of his advanced age, doctors told them even with surgery his prognosis wasn’t good: 6 months.

Of course this man who worked hard so his family could come to America from Iran and study abroad, also took the tough route and went through a gambit of blitz-conventional measures. Marjan quit her medical consulting firm to care for him while her sister traveled back and forth from out of state. Keep in mind the devastation for their mother, who’d been happily married and loyal to this man since their youth.

When everything was at its bleakest and all hope seemed lost, Marjan tapped into her deep family roots steeped in ancient Persian herbal medicine and nutrition. See, her father’d been a professional herbalist his entire life and she remembered eating one of their favorite snacks he gave to his kids – toasted hemp seeds!

At that time in America, Cannabidiol, or CBD, was gaining steam showing up in mainstream documentaries along with serious PR coming out of Colorado thanks to a couple of brothers who created Charlotte’s Web (CW™) Hemp CBD. She dove into available research, anything she could find online, and decided to make the very first purchase of hemp-based CBD concentrate from a beloved hempster in France – Jeffman – who’s still with the company and a friend today. He and the wonderful duo – Barbora & Karel – introduced Marjan to Trompetol & Cannabios hemp products (their support was and continues to be invaluable).

All that being said, how did it work out with Marjan’s father?

Remember his 6 month prognosis from 2012?

He made it until early 2018, over 6 years, 5 ½ more years than expected despite his age. Not only did the phytocannabinoids immediately help him with his medical condition, dramatically lowering the need for conventional medications (and their accompanying side effects), but they also elevated the quality of his life.

It was in those final months of 2012, when Hemp for Fitness was truly born.

Here’s a family photo of Marjan, her sister, and loving parents. Her father was a great man, always to be remembered, and live on, continuing his good herbal works through Hemp for Fitness.

hemp for fitness

So in short, Marjan founded Hemp for Fitness in 2012 and struggled through the first couple years where the web-store generated practically zero revenue, because she’d fallen in love with this miraculous plant.

Her father was only a launching point leading her to working with innumerable people using Hemp for Fitness hemp-based products to help address a HUGE variety of issues: Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, Pain Relief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and general Stress Relief, Inflammation, Addiction Issues, help with opioids, and on and on.

The Growth of Hemp for Fitness

As mentioned, the webstore/website you’re on right now barely made a few hundred dollars for the first couple years. Marjan was going it alone. She slowly brought on more people to help, and we did our best with marketing despite the landscape of mid-to-late 2014 through 2015.

But here’s the good news – despite it being such an uphill battle, starting in 2016 revenue began going up. For 2017 and 2018, the website generated substantial income and helped Marjan invest in better relationships with suppliers, partnerships in hemp-friendly states, and even open retail space in Chicago selling industrial hemp products!

While Marjan has been extremely busy offline helping spearhead a new American industrial hemp market in the Midwest, the web-store continues growing because of our awesome team and the many everyday people purchasing Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD OilHemp Tinctures, the Hemp Lotions & Salves we offer, and more.

2018 was a challenging year, but 2019-2020 and beyond is set to be the most exciting era of hemp yet. Not just for Hemp for Fitness, but for all of North America and our planet! Thanks for your support, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Contact Us with any questions, concerns, potential business opportunities, and anything else to push industrial hemp forward.

Sincerely, the Hemp for Fitness team.

The Hemp for Fitness web store is meant to be a place where people KNOW the hemp products they’re investing in, are ‘from our family to yours.” We believe natural non-GMO family farm hemp plants and specific derivatives contain beneficial components that provide relief from many different physiological conditions via simple herbal supplementation using phytocannabinoids. Sound, scientifically-backed Cannabidiol (CBD) is real and backed by medical literature, patents, and now even pharmaceutical brands are creating their own hemp-derived CBD products. We’re here for the people and the plant, not profits. Thanks for your support.”

Marjan Parhami

Founder: Hemp for Fitness ®